Netflix = Blockbuster = FAIL

July 12, 2011 at 5:03 PM Leave a comment

It’s kind of shocking how quickly Netflix has managed to go from internet darling to persona non grata.  I remember a time when everyone, including Netflix, was out to stick it to Blockbuster.  With their recent actions, it is clear Netflix simply wants to fill the big-bad-video-bully spot relinquished by Blockbuster.

Consider the following:

  • January 2010: Netflix sells out to the studios by forcing subscribers to wait a month for new releases.
  • November 2010: Netflix increases prices for DVD plans.  They justify this by including online streaming (which was already included in almost all the DVD plans already).
  • July 2011 (less than 8 months later): Netflix reneges on the previous plan change by now charging $8/month for the included streaming.

So congratulations Netflix, you are the new Blockbuster.

Bottom line: As with their flawed logic for delaying new releases, I believe the unintended (and unfortunate) outcome here will be to push more legit users to piracy. Where is the next online video company to save us from the new tyrant Netflix?


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