Netflix Sells Out

January 6, 2010 at 5:23 PM Leave a comment

I heard the prediction months ago but didn’t want to believe it.  Now today the rumor has become an unfortunate fact: the bigwigs over at Netflix are a bunch of sell outs.  Netflix customers will now be forced to wait 28 days after a new Warner Bros. DVD release before it will ship out.

This new agreement is unfortunate, unacceptable and won’t work.

Unfortunate because Netflix has typically been viewed as a company that just gets it.  They provide a great service and give great customer service while doing it.  That’s why I’ve been a member for over 3 years.  They’ve now gone from “sticking it to the man” to becoming the man.

Unacceptable because I for one will not tolerate it.  The media says it is only a matter of time before Netflix reaches similar deals with the other major studios.  Of course I have older movies in my queue, but my primary reason for having Netflix is to watch the newest releases on DVD because I rarely go to movie theaters.

It won’t work.  The studios are simply doing whatever they can in the wake of declining DVD sales.  And Netflix is ignorant for getting into bed with them.  Netflix may be getting a cheaper price now by selling out, but this will only come back to bite them.  Furthermore, this new agreement will not make consumers go buy more DVDs.  If someone wants to watch a new release and can’t get it through Netflix, they’ll go to a Blockbuster store, use cable/satellite on-demand services, or watch it online.  So why would I justify paying a monthly fee to Netflix if I have to spend additional money with a 3rd party to watch the movies I really want to see?  Answer: I won’t.

Bottom line: I’ll be canceling my membership with Netflix.  And I doubt I’ll be alone.


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